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Make a bigger impact,
with no extra effort.

Decked is the creator friendly content amplification company. World-class results from the most experienced strategists in the creator economy.


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Make a bigger impact,
with no extra effort.

Decked is the creator friendly content amplification company. World-class results from the most experienced strategists in the creator economy.


You create content,
we create new audiences
& revenue for you.

How Does
It Work?

#1 - Apply

Be approved for the Decked Creator Program. We hand-pick high quality creators who match our internal requirements.

#2 - Execute

We scan your content library and execute a launch strategy leveraging previous expertise. No project files required.

#3 - Optimize

We analyze the data and make improvements for revenue and audience growth continuously.

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What They SayAbout Us

Graham Stephan
Graham Stephan
The #1 Personal Finance Creator
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I focus on making content while Decked takes care of the rest.

I have half a million extra new followers and multiple new revenue streams without any extra work from me. They communicate instantly if I do have a question, and their terms are super fair. They really know what they are doing!
Anthony Padilla
Anthony Padilla
Creator of "I Spent A Day With..."
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Decked found a revenue stream for me that I wasn't realizing the full potential of.

They've worked with me on all of my needs and have kept in communication with me on why they make the decisions they do for Facebook & Snap. I trust them to take my content and keep my voice intact.
Jubilee Media
Jubilee Media
The #1 Social Experiment Channel
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Decked birthed a new revenue pillar in our business that helped us hire much faster and grew our top-line revenue.

We lean heavily on Decked for their expertise on Facebook and appreciate their consistency with results. Whenever we see a rare down month, they let us know exactly what's wrong and course correct quickly. They are a great partner for us!
Joey Graceffa
Joey Graceffa
Legacy Lifestyle Creator
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I went viral in my first month working with Decked!

They are creative with the way they repurpose my different styles of content. They allow me to give my input on what should be pushed, and help take care of any random issues I have with Facebook. I love the extra payments coming through from content I already made!
Ali Spagnola
Ali Spagnola
The #1 Art Challenges Creator
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I'm earning more on Facebook than I do on YouTube thanks to Decked.

They help me optimize the decisions I make involving titles and thumbnails. They always know how to change my videos for Facebook to make them go viral! It is really nice knowing I have them to lean on while I focus on making my next challenge!

Why CreatorsWork With Decked

Why creators
work with Decked


Our creators make content for one platform and sit back knowing it will be optimized for every platform shortly after.

More Money

Decked understands how revenue is generated on each platform and maximizes this for our creators.

Passive Income

Decked creators are generating millions of dollars per year in extra income on content they already created.


Audience growth is expedited when posting on multiple platforms with no additional work from Decked creators.


Decked creators sleep well at night knowing we are on the front-line for new algorithm changes and platform issues.


Decked creators don't worry about "hacking" every algorithm, they focus on what they love and what they do best.

We Own Nothing

No complex clauses, no page buy backs, and no stress. We don’t take revenue from your brand deals or merchandise. We will never make you feel forced to sacrifice control of your brand. We pride ourselves in offering the most creator friendly terms in the industry.


1. Our leadership and many on our teams have been in the creator economy as creators themselves since the beginning. 

2. Nobody has a longer track record in generating multi-platform viral content than the teams at Decked, we’ve seen everything that works (and doesn’t work) for every algorithm. 

3. Our agreement terms are the most friendly to creators. As creators ourselves, we know how important it is for all of our creative work on your content to be yours.

We start by analyzing your current content catalogue as well as your future content output. From here, we develop an execution plan from our technology that helps us find the most highly educated starting point, A/B testing multiple types of content strategies. We use the incoming data to make adjustments, and repeat forever.

Nothing! After the contract is signed, you can have as much or as little involvement as you’d like. We will take care of everything to monetize, grow your audience and keep your unique voice consistent.
No, any content we transform of yours is yours forever.

No, but it is the most common. We can take any content in short form (EX: Tik Tok) or long form (EX: YouTube). Your original content library may change our strategy based on what we know works across each platform.

No, our editors pull directly from your YouTube videos.

No, our page managers and strategists post everything for you. Schedules are based on strategic decisions for what will work best with your content volume and type.

Absolutely. In order to provide the best service possible, we will always recommend going in certain directions based on our trained expertise. You always have the last say!

If we decide you pass our internal requirements, we will send you our terms. A number of variables come into play and different needs are necessary for every creator. We always favor the creator for the long term, as we aim to see our partnerships through for multiple decades to come. We will be here for the long haul as your amplification partner! 

For Creators,
By Creators

For Creators, By Creators
I found YouTube in 2006 as a shy 13 year old looking for a place to upload random video clips, but what I discovered was a community of people creating and connecting, along with my identity as a creator. Since then, I have grown my own multi-platform following to millions of people, launched viral brands followed by tens of millions, and witnessed the creator economy blossom into what it is today.
I have spent the last decade+ helping creators become multi-platform, before monetization was available outside of YouTube. The space has evolved, and it’s necessary to utilize all platforms available to us to expand our creator businesses. We’re building a fast growing number of teams who together under the Decked name are doubling and tripling revenue for our creators every day.
Decked believes that you are not just a “YouTuber”, or a “Tik Toker” – you are the creator, a standalone entity with a unique fingerprint, not defined by any one platform. You have something special to share with others, and it should be heard everywhere. Decked’s purpose is to amplify the voices of the world’s most talented creators.


Adorian Deck
Founder & CEO