Our Story



Creator Journey Begins

Decked Founder & CEO Adorian Deck creates his first YouTube channel at 13 years old and starts uploading videos every day.



OMGFacts Goes Viral

Adorian creates @OMGFacts on Twitter, gaining 1 million followers in less than a year, #OMGFacts stays on the top 10 trending topics for 3+ months without falling off once.


Decked media

OMGfacts sold, Decked Established

Adorian opens Decked Media to develop more social media entertainment brands after selling his viral Twitter account @OMGFacts.


One Million Followers Again

One Million Followers Again

Second viral media brand "@FemalePains" reaches one million followers. Decked now has over 10+ viral entertainment brands generating revenue.



Facebook Amplification

Decked begins working with creators to make their content go viral on Facebook. Revenue share through ads does not exist yet.


Monetization For Creators

Monetization For Creators

Decked now paying creators six figures per month through creative partnerships, reaching 100,000,000 people per month.


decked media

1 Million Followers in 45 Days

After a couple years of creator hibernation to focus on Decked, Adorian opens a Tik Tok account under the name "The Facts Guy" and instantly goes viral.


decked team

1 Billion Views Per Month

The Decked teams grow dramatically, evolving into a premium content amplification company for creators and entertainment brands.


Decked logo

Decked Creator Partner Program Launches

Decked opens applications for content amplification to the public and commits to serving as many creators as possible for decades to come.